By scheduling a consultation with our Service Team, we could reveal the distribution efficiency of your current irrigation system. Probing the soil in problem areas will determine soil composition and ph. By viewing the sprinkler system, we evaluate water application, rotary sprays, mist sprays and or soaker/drip, what is the best for the planted material.

The manufactures Hunter, Toro and Rainbird all produce ET controllers, sprinkler heads which can be turned off and pressure compensating nozzles to aid the contractor in his quest for nirvana.

The best in maintaining a healthy landscape is the human factor. Professional Irrigation has a program of being proactive. Client site visitation is the key. Weekly inspections of walking the site, viewing plants, lawns, and soil conditions prior to checking the operation of the system, gives us a complete picture of the living environment.

On these inspections, armed with the weather forecast for the up and coming week, adjustment can be made to the controller for watering durations and frequency in each individual area. If a small area is too wet or dry, an individual spray head can be closed or a larger nozzle exchanged.

In all cases, working closely with the weekly maintenance gardener and the landscape designer is pertinent. We see to it in order to ensure a quick response to any needs.

Professional Irrigation would welcome the opportunity to meet with you or whoever attends to the landscape to discuss problem areas and view the irrigation system. We will render a zone-by-zone evaluation with recommendations. We then can provide and discuss warranties, maintenance contracts and costs.

We also provide the following services:

Drainage Solutions

Insect Control

Back Flow Installations/

Gutter Cleaning