About Us

Professional Irrigation is a full service company, established in 1979 with an average of 20 employees, experienced in Water Irrigation and Landscape Lighting, servicing all of Long Island from the "Lady" in New York Harbor to Montauk.

Our priority is the company name, Professionalism. We staff and see to it that our employees are the best educated in the irrigation field, understanding evapotranspiration, soil composition, plant/water requirements, and Mother Nature's continual change of the unpredictable.

The niche we fill best is being proactive in regard to maintaining a thriving landscape. The ever-changing environment dictates the amount of water any given plant requires almost daily. Temperature, wind, sun, shade, root structure, moisture retention of the soil, and the nautical direction of a sloping grade are all factors in this equation.

Professional Irrigation is a licensed and insured company; we are members of the Irrigation Association of New York. At Professional Irrigation we take pride in satisfying our customers' needs to ensure that we are providing the best quality and service to keep your investment alive.

Please call us at (631) 789-0500 to set up an appointment to discuss your Home or Businesses Watering and Lighting needs.